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What's Up

5th Anniversary Bash!

Join us on Saturday, July 12th from 12noon-8pm out front of our Tap Room downtown. We will be showcasing 5 local bands, local food vendors, a few antics, and a large variety of ice cold 7 Seas brews. On the stage we'll have Ben Union, C-Leb & The Kettle Black, Perry Acker, Four On The Floor, and Red Stone Sinners. On the grills we have world famous Buck-B-Q and the team from Tizley's. Your bellies will very happy after enjoying their tasty offerings! The party is a +21 event. The cost of such an amazing day? $3 per person which 100% goes to the bands. Credit/debit cards will only be accepted for merchandise purchases, so cover, beer, and food will be on a cash basis. There will be an ATM on-site. The Tap Room will be open on Saturday, but only for growler fills and merchandise. Walk, bike, designate a driver, just be sure to be safe! Lifestyle Valet has graciously offered their shuttle services free of charge. Good dogs on leash are welcome with their humans.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and we can't wait to say thanks and party with ya!


4th Year Anniversary Bash, New Brews, & Summertime!

Summer in the NW reminds us that life is continuously in motion, a revolving cycle of extinguishing what has decayed and welcoming what will emerge, grow, evolve and flourish.

This very notion, is perhaps more applicable to 7 Seas Brewing right now more so than ever.  Especially over this past year, we have been in a constant mode of movement and in our eyes, progress.  It has been delightful to see happy friends and customers reveling amongst pints in the new Tap Room, producing more beer at a higher level of quality and consistency than ever, and hopefully enhancing our beautiful community of Gig Harbor in small, but meaningful ways.  So, thank you to everyone that has joined us and been a part of this ongoing journey.  We don’t have a final destination in mind, so let’s just enjoy the ride, handle the rough seas with composure, and hope for smooth sailing along the 7 Seas.

Time can fly (or sail...ha) by fast! Hard to imagine it’s been four years since that first batch of Cutt’s NW  Amber rolled out to the Tides Tavern for release. That was July 9th, 2009 and 4 years later, it's time to party and say thanks! Thank you for supporting us in this crazy journey, for embracing our vision and amazing staff, and for enjoying our tasty brews time and time again! To say thanks, we’d like to throw a party in YOUR honor. Come help us celebrate our first summer downtown!

7 Seas 4th Year Anniversary Bash

Join us on Saturday, July 27th from 12noon-8pm out front of our Tap Room downtown. We will be showcasing 5 local bands, local food vendors, a few antics, and a large variety of ice cold 7 Seas brews.  On the stage we'll have Perry Acker, Ben Union, Kim Archer, SweetKiss Momma, and Red Stone Sinners. The party is a +21 event. The cost of such an amazing day? $3 per person which 100% goes to the bands. Credit/debit cards will only be accepted for merchandise purchases, so cover, beer, and food will be on a cash basis. There will be an ATM on-site. The Tap Room will not be open on Saturday at all. Also, there will be NO growler fills that Saturday, so stock up prior. Walk, bike, designate a driver, just be sure to be safe!

Hope you can join us!


As the weather has improved and we thirst for both the warmth of sunshine on our face and of course that Proper Pint of 7 Seas Ale, we have recently opened our Tap Room's outdoor beer garden.  Who doesn’t enjoy a cool, refreshing pint while enjoying our brief yet beautiful NW Summer?  We have been rolling up the garage door that leads into the Tap Room for some fresh air, a pleasant breeze, and JENGA. 10 different 7 Seas brews on tap, including some only available in the Tap Room. Summertime also means a new Seasonal beer, our 1st barrel-aged project, and we have been thinking about this one for a while!


Life Jacket Summer Ale

Brewed for the warm, stunning, long days of Summer in the Pacific NW, Life Jacket Summer Ale will refresh and quench your thirst like no other. Concocted with both domestic and German Pilsner malts, producing a light golden hue and providing a crisp, clean and dry malt base for the Yakima Valley grown Amarillo and Mosaic hops to emerge from. Abundant late hop additions in the kettle and whirlpool contribute powerful hop notes of citrus and berries in the flavor and aroma, while bitterness remains muted. Whether your mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, hiking the mountains, kayaking the coast, or enjoying the beaches, always be safe and bring a Life Jacket!

Availability: Summer Seasonal, JUNE-AUGUST

ABV: 4.2%         IBU: ~38



Bourbon Barrel-Aged Port Royal Export Stout

The beer shares many of the same qualities of Port Royal Stout offers. However, after the extended aging time and the prolonged contact with the oak Maker's Mark bourbon barrel, this version weaves a velvety mouthfeel with flavors of vanilla, bourbon, finishing a complex creation.

Served in a 10oz snifter, no growler fills.

Availability: LIMITED

ABV: 7.2%       IBU: ~40

Perhaps if you’ve visited the Tap Room recently, you’ve noticed the various pieces of art on display.  We enjoy featuring local artists’ work and will rotate it every couple months.  Our current artist is Devin Reynolds, an Tacoma based artist utilizing metal as his canvas. Devin unleashes chemical reactions and oxidation to his  unique paintings as they unfold and develop into their final form. They truly are engaging and captivating pieces that are well worth viewing and contemplating.  Please check them out, we’re thrilled to have them on display.

We are extremely fortunate to have had all of the amazing support from the local community here in Gig Harbor and throughout Washington! Thank you again to all of our customers, friends, wholesale clients, family members, and any individual who has supported 7 Seas Brewing in any capacity whatsoever.  We are continuing to learn, grow, and improve upon what we’ve started.  We hope you enjoy the results!


The 7 Seas Crew


'3 Years of 7 Seas Beers' Anniversary Bash, Expansion Update, & Summertime

Here at 7 Seas Brewing, we have recently moved brewing operations into our new home in a portion of the old QFC/Uddenburg's building in downtown Gig Harbor.  The building is ideally situated just a block off the scenic waterfront and in close proximity to local shops, restaurants, other small businesses and a soon to be constructed public dock for boaters and fisherman.  The brewery, featuring a new, three vessel 25 BBL brew-house (775 Gal.) occupies a majority of the space and is now operational with the first batches just finishing up. We have also moved and installed our previous two vessel 8.5 BBL brew-house (264 Gal.) into the new location and will begin experimenting and formulating some new seasonal offerings.

Our first objective was to efficiently move the brewing operations, and begin brewing beer in our new home.  Our entire team worked extremely hard to make this transition happen smoothly and we’re happy to be brewing beer on a new, beautiful, well-engineered (and shiny!) system.

We have now focused our efforts towards building the new Tap Room and can’t wait to have our amazing customers here to enjoy it all.  We anticipate opening to the public before the end of 2012 and in the meantime, we’re continuing to operate the old Tap Room at 3207 57th St. Court NW, next to the Inn at Gig Harbor.  Make sure to enjoy our last Summer there, especially outside in the spacious NW-style Beer Garden.

Another new artisan craft is coming to Gig Harbor soon. Heritage Distilling Company will be opening in our previous location. We can’t wait to see what spirits they turn out! With vodka, gin, and whiskey to start, it looks like they have a wide array of offerings to satisfy all. Congrats to HDC and welcome to the hood!

We are excited about relocating and expanding 7 Seas Brewing Co.  However, we are also sad to say goodbye to our previous location where we have brewed, established ourselves, made friends, celebrated, conversed and enjoyed the quaintness of it all.  Although moving inherently creates change, we assure you that the identity, vision, aesthetic, and principles of 7 Seas are strongly resolute.  Indeed, change can create apprehension and skepticism, but know that this transition is conducted with scrupulousness, loyalty to our values, and intended to benefit us all.  New jobs will be created, Historic Gig Harbor will breathe new life, less waiting in line for a pint or growler fill, and more Ultimate Proper Pints of 7 Seas beer for everyone, including kegs to go finally. We will continue our passion to brew great beer, establish an enduring yet innovative brand, and create a friendly and inclusive Tap Room for our customers to enjoy.

Since our inception, we have been fortunate to attract an extremely loyal group of customers, including those who frequent the Tap Room and our wholesale clients throughout the South Sound region.  We appreciate and value all of you!  So, in 7 Seas style, it's time to throw down and thank all of you with '3 Years of 7 Seas Beers' Anniversary Bash! Our chance to show thanks and celebrate another glorious year of 7 Seas beers!

Join us on Saturday, July 21st from 12noon-8pm @ 7 Seas Tap Room (the one behind the hotel). We'll have local music brought to you by Perry Acker, Sweetkiss Momma, Ben Union, and more! There is a $3 cover charge that goes directly to the music artists. Buck-B-Q will be in the house again, serving an array of delicacies! The event is 21+, sorry no kiddos. Also cash only, but we will have an ATM on-site. Parking is located in two areas: in the lot right off 56th St, previously a satellite Peninsula Subaru lot, and next to the old theater, behind Tanglewood Grill, in the lot of the new building there. Parking will be clearly marked and parking assistants to. well....assist. Please understand and be respectful to all of our great neighbors who let us do this. Please park only in designated areas and most of all, BE SAFE!

As we move into Summer time, there are plenty of upcoming events worth attending.  We hope to see some familiar faces there.  Also, we are nearly set to release one of our more popular, anticipated Seasonal Offerings; Rude Parrot IPA.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us, enjoyed our beers, offered a helpful hand in this time of transition or volunteered at an event.  Just like having a pint is best enjoyed amongst friends, brewing beer is also a team game.  We are grateful to SO many individuals who have helped make this all happen.

Cheers to you all,

-7 Seas Crew


Custom Growlers, Spring Seasonal Brews, & Expansion

What a busy start to the New Year! A winter wonderland was dropped on our door steps providing snow days for all. After Snowmaggedeon passed it was catch-up time. Here at 7 seas we have been very busy!

It's that 7 Seas Custom Growler time of year again! The 2012 edition will be released in mere weeks, and we can't wait to show you! There will be 500 crafted and they are all numbered. The growlers were custom made in Germany, then customized by Gig Harbor's own Fresh NW Design. The end result is one bad-ass peice of functional art! Hope to see you there.

7 Seas 2012 Custom Growler &
Spring Seasonal CDA Release

Saturday, March 10th @ 12noon (opening 2 hrs early) This is the day to bring your
2011 Growler and get your same #.

The next day......

Sunday, March 11th @ 12noon (opening 2 hrs early)
All remaining growlers are then available to all.

This years edition is a tribute to the revered HOP.

We have a few debit machine's on loan, so things ought to move along quickly. Growlers are $60 +tax this year (Sorry, NO checks). WE WILL ALSO RELEASE OUR SPRING SEASONAL, Cascadian Dak Ale, THAT WEEKEND!

We participated in the 8th Annual Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend, taking home 2nd place! As usual, the brews were quite strange and pushed creative boundaries. We crafted past favorites, 7 Bloody Seas and Blue Ballz, and debuted Belgo Granny, our take on Belgian Apple Pie. If you haven't attended this fest before, it is an absolute blast and a perfect weekend getaway. Try to make it in the future, it is a great time!

The Seattle Space Needle turns 50 this year! To commemorate such an occasion the Space Needle held a beer competition, with the winners' brew being served up top for the whole year! The beer had to be made specifically for the event and 10 local breweries participated. We crafted Reign Man ESB, a tasty ode to the Seattle Super Sonics. Although not the winner, Reign Man ESB did quite well and was enjoyed by all. Congrats to Seattle's Pike Brewery for the win!

Alright, let's talk 7 Seas expansion. Our new home in downtown Gig Harbor is almost ready to move in! We are very excited! Things are going along very well. We will begin the process of installing our new brewhouse and tanks in mere weeks. It will take time, but we hope to have our first brew happen there in mid-April. The Tap Room will remain where it is until sometime between the end-of-summer and the end-of the year. We will then move down and 7 Seas will be OPEN for business in its new home. Can't wait to show everyone!

Spring Seasonal:
Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA)

Welcome to the dark side of India Pale Ales. Conceived here in the NW, we're proud to offer this intensely hoppy, black, yet velvety smooth Spring seasonal. Brewed with de-husked black malt, caramel malt, and generously hopped with Columbus, Centennial and Amarillo. Our CDA achieves layers of hop character nicely balanced by a hint of roast and a smooth lingering finish. At 7% ABV, this ale offers both power and finesse, audacity and subtlety, yielding without question an Ultimate Proper Pint.

Brewing Specs:
OG:  16.8 plato       TG:  2.9-3.4 plato
ABV:  7.0%       IBU:  ~65

Special Brew for Space Needle's 50th Anniversary
Reign Man ESB (Extra Special Bitter)

A Northwest-style Extra Special Bitter, featuring citrusy Yakima Valley Centennial hops.  Initially brewed in honor of the Seattle Space Needle’s 50th anniversary, this copper colored ESB delivers a clean, toasty malt character with a slight caramel sweetness.  Concocted with generous amounts of Munich and Cara-Amber malts, this ESB combines maximum flavor with exceptional drinkability, cheers!

Brewing Specs:
OG:  13.5 Plato       TG:  2.8-3.0 Plato
ABV:  5.5%       IBU:  ~45

7 Seas Crew

Holiday Happengings: 2nd Annual Brix 25 Beer Pairing Dinner, Winter Beer Fest, & more

It is crazy how fast a year can sail by! Here we are again at the end of another amazing year, a great time to look back and be thankful for friends, family, and 7 Seas Beer!  We here at 7 Seas are very thankful to all of you! Your support over the past few years has been relentless and humbling. We do our absolute best to make all of you proud!

We have some fun stuff going on this holiday season. An upcoming beer pairing dinner at Brix 25, 'Sailing Through Black Friday', is sure to be a great distraction from the most hectic shopping day of the year. Winter Beer Fest is coming at the beginning of December, always an amazing festival. A Tides Tavern Brewer's Night on December 7th. We have a beer pairing dinner at Tizley's in Poulsbo mid-december. Santa is set to sail the 7 Seas on December 17th. He will be visiting the Tap Room and taking pictures with children of all ages. More details on upcoming events  and holiday closures on right column.

Lots of new 7 Seas merchandise has arrived. We  have pullover hoodies, beanies, 2011 holiday ornaments, and fitted hats arriving any day. Just recieved new neon blue zip-up hoodies, luitenant green v-necks, and growler coozies. Oh yeah, and Chapstick/Lip Balm in tiny British pale and Ballz Deep tall boy cans (6 flavors available). All merchandise sizes and colors now available. Ask about close-out/discount items available in select sizes too.


le Havre (the Harbor) Belgian Winter Ale
First light of dawn; a poised Rubber-Booted Artisan, a calm and peaceful brewery cloaked by the fresh, doughy aroma of malted barley, his own cloister-and Ale shall be created.  This seasonal offering is fashioned with reverence towards the long-standing tradition of Trappist Abbey-style beers of Belgium.  Brewed with Pale Ale malt, oats, and dark crystal malts, hopped with Fuggles, and fermented with authentic Belgian Abbey yeast, the ale reveals intricate layers of spice, fig, bitter chocolate and delicate alcohol.  An inviting, yet complex brew that implores us to relax, silence ourselves, and take a moment to appreciate what’s genuine, simple, and beautiful in life.  Be at ease, be at peace, and enjoy…cheers.

Brewing Specs:
OG:  18.25 plato       TG:  2.7-3.0 plato
ABV:  8.0%       IBU:  20

2011 Wheelchair Barleywine
Brewed in the tradition of British-style Barley Wines, our 2011 offering displays burgundy/brown hues, a thick off-white head of lacey foam, toasted malt, a strong presence of raisiny, vinous fruit aroma and warming alcohol.  Crafted with British Marris Otter, dark crystal and aromatic malts, liberally hopped with Glacier and East Kent Goldings, we also added 60 LBS of locally sourced Washington State Clover honey to the boil kettle.  With its’ coating, silky rich mouth-feel, and complex interplay of deep caramel malt, ripe fruit aroma and sturdy alcohol, 7 Seas 2011 Barley Wine is a colossal, yet refined brew.

Brewing Specs:
OG:  26.9 plato       TG:  6.4 plato
ABV:  10.6%       IBU: approx. 38

From all of us here at 7 Seas Brewing, enjoy a safe, relaxing holday season! See you in the New Year!

Cheers & Happy Holidays,
7 Seas Crew

A New Season and it's Seasonal Brews

September 2011

Welcome to Autumn here in the Pacific Northwest! At 7 Seas Brewing Co. we have enjoyed a splendid Summer with lots of Proper Pints, a raucous 2nd year anniversary party, numerous beer festivals, boisterous times in the NW Beer Garden, and continued to work relentlessly hard at improving all that encompasses 7 Seas. We extend our gratitude towards all of our customers here at the Tap Room, and to our wholesale clients throughout the Puget Sound region. We are steadily making progress on expanding our production capacity and remain confident that more 7 Seas Ale will arrive on taps and shelves in the near future. Quickly approaching are several events worth mentioning and your consideration to attend.

Hop Prophet: 100% Wet Hop Ale:

Come late August and early September, the abundant hop cones swarming the Yakima valley reach their fruition. Wet, saturated, and dripping with essential oils and resins, they are ready for harvest. Once a year, we are presented an opportunity to brew 7 Seas Hop Prophet, a 'wet' hop ale utilizing Amarillo and Centennial varieties that go from 'vine' to 'kettle' within hours. Exclusively brewed with wet hops at a rate of over 7 LBS per BBL (31gal) of beer, the Hop Prophet yields an aroma of fresh citrus zest followed by a delicate, yet pronounced juicy bitterness. A blend of domestic Pale Ale malt, British Marris Otter malt, and a touch of light crystal malt, contribute a clean, off-dry mouthfeel with subtle notes of honey and melon fruit. With benevolence, good-will, and transcendence, the Hop Prophet bestows his almighty powers towards a successful harvest and his grace towards the hard working individuals toiling amongst the sun and soil of our treasured hop growing regions of Washington State.

Brewing Specs:
OG: 14.0 Plato   TG: 2.6 Plato
ABV: 5.8%    IBU: 100% Wet/Fresh Hops (no pellets required)
*2011 Hops: Centennial & Amarillo

7 Seas Harvest Ale:

Harvest Ale takes its inspiration from the venerable traditions of German Oktoberfest and Vienna Marzen style of beers. Employing a blend of German Munich and Vienna malts as a base,  Harvest Ale displays brilliantly clear reddish, orange hues evocative of the vibrant, rich, and deep colors that seemingly surface overnight on local Vine Maple and Aspen trees this time of year in the Northwest. Fermented at low temperatures, ester production is greatly inhibited allowing for a rounded, yet crisp malt character to fully emerge. German Hersbrucker and Czech Saaz hops contribute a moderately spicy, earthy flavor accent to this otherwise unctuously smooth brew. Prost!

Brewing Specs:
OG: 15.5 Plato   TG: 2.75 Plato
ABV: 6.5%     IBU: Approx. 27

To everyone that has, does, and continues to support 7 Seas Brewing Company we are grateful. We strive to create the best beer we can brew. We take our passion seriously, yet have fun and continuously try to improve, evolve, and learn our beloved craft. We are inspired by that often times, the elusive quest for the Ultimate Proper Pint, one that is flawless, beautiful, and somehow perfect. Cheers to you all and just remember that; "They who drink beer will think beer." -Washington Irving

the 7 Seas Crew



7 Seas Summer Updates

Welcome to Summer in the great Northwest!  Warm, dry weather, and long days equal prime beer drinking season.

Whether you're out hiking the Olympics, boating the Sound, biking the trails, or hitting the links, don't forget to pack a few cans of 7 Seas tall boys to quench your thirst.

We have brewed the last couple batches of our Spring Seasonal, Cascadian Dark Ale, and have begun production on our Summer Seasonal, the elusive and coveted Rude Parrot India Pale Ale.  Loud, sassy, and relentless, the Rude Parrot has an insatiable appetite for hops!  Brewed with Vienna, light Crystal, and a touch of Honey malt, this golden hued IPA is aggressively hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops.  A big juicy, tropical fruit hop nose yields way to an off dry, pleasantly bitter finish.  The perfect pint for hot, sunny days, the Parrot pairs beautifully with fish and poultry off the grill and lighter summer time fare, such as grilled veggies and salads.

Rude Parrot IPA Brewing Specs:
OG=13.8 dgrees Plato
TG=2.2-2.7 degrees Plato
IBU=approx. 75

7 Seas Brewing "Best Brewery of the South Sound" 2 years running! Huge thanks to all of those who have supported our passion and dreams over these amazing past 2 years! All of us here 7 Seas Brewing are humbled and thankful! We will continue to make you all proud. Pick up your copy of South Sound Magazine at your local newsstand, to find a location visit South Sound Magazine.

Two Year Anniversary Bash!

To thank all of you supporters and fans (current and future), 7 Seas Brewing cordially invites you to join us for a bash in your honor! Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 16th because it's party time here at the brewery!  We will be celebrating our 2 Year Anniversary by hosting a bash outside in our parking lot and NW beer garden.  Featuring live music by Gig Harbor's own Perry Acker, Shy Boys, and China Davis along with Puyallup’s SweetKiss Momma, it’s sure to be a blast. Buck’s BBQ will be in the house once again, and of course plenty of delicious 7 Seas Proper Pints. The event runs from 12 noon-8 pm.  Keep in mind the event is 21+, so please plan accordingly.  Also, please be safe and designate a sober driver or make it into a night and book a room with our next-door neighbors, The Inn at Gig Harbor, they will take excellent care of you.  Signs will direct you to our parking area, across 56th St. @ the Old Gig Harbor Movie Theater and surrounding lot. Parking attendants will assist and a constantly running shuttle will swiftly transport you to our entrance. Please ONLY park in designated areas, as we hope to be able to do this every year. It is sure to be a good time so don't miss out! CASH ONLY, $3 cover.

Come join us and the sunshine in the 7 Seas NW Beer Garden, tis the season. Cold beer, sunshine, and Jenga!  Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters and fans of 7 Seas Brewing Company.

-The entire 7 Seas Crew


New website, Cascadian Dark Ale and more!

Greetings everybody!  Welcome to Spring time in the Northwest.  The days are longer, the air is warmer, the birds are chirping away, Daffodils are in bloom, The Mariners are off to their typical dismal start, and the 7 Seas NW Beer Garden is getting into full swing.  Although it's not quite shorts and sandals weather yet, Summer time will be here before we know it and that means it's time to quench the additional thirst for Proper Pints!  Then again, when is it not a good time for a Proper Pint of 7 Seas Ale?

Our website has just received a makeover so feel free to browse around.  New and improved with photo galleries, a short video about 7 Seas, and more frequent updates on news and events at 7 Seas!

We have recently released a new Spring Seasonal beer, '7 Seas Cascadian Dark Ale,' also sometimes known as a Black India Pale Ale, or American style Black Ale.  Hence, we welcome you to experience the dark side of India Pale Ales.  Conceived here in the NW, we're proud to offer this intensely hoppy, black, yet velvety smooth Spring seasonal.  Brewed with de-husked black malt, caramel malt, and generously hopped with Columbus, Centennial and Amarillo.   Our CDA achieves layers of hop character nicely balanced by a hint of roast and a smooth lingering finish.  At 7% ABV, this ale offers both power and finesse, audacity and subtlety, yielding without question, an Ultimate Proper Pint.  Enjoy!


Custom Growlers, Barleywine and more...

Welcome 2011! It's good to have you here, but give me back my daylight and decent temperatures again! Moving from Winter into Spring is a welcomed transition in seasons and brings with it new life and new beers. Here at 7 Seas we will be enjoying our last pints of the Santa's Smokin' Winter Warmer and move into the unknown. Our first spring seasonal is arriving in port soon, look forward to it in mid-March. Holding back details at this time….mmmm the anticipation.

We are proud to announce that the 7 Seas 2011 Custom Growler Release is approaching! After last years response we increased quantity available this year so that they should be available a bit longer than last year. Saturday, March 5th @ 12noon (opening 2 hrs early) will commence the release of #'s 1-300 the additional #'s 301-500 to be released Saturday, March 26th. This year's growler is sure to impress, adorned with a pewter octopus tentacle handle, new graphics, and more hand-painted color. Functional art: from mantle to refrigerator!

Have a 2010 growler and want your same # again? Just bring your 2010 growler on the release day (recommended to arrive at beginning), you will have first chance to get your # again. After that first chance, all #'s left are available to all...


Season's Greetings from 7 Seas Brewing

Hello all! We here at 7 Seas hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hopefully some proper pints got you through that cold streak.

Our current seasonal offering, 'Saison du Sept Mers' has had a short stay here in port before it sets sail in the next few weeks. Arriving to port is a new brew, 'Santa's Smokin' Winter Warmer'. It will keep our spirits high and bellies warm this time of year.

Santa's Smokin' Release Party

'Santa's Smokin' will debut Tuesday, December 14th at Crown Bar in Tacoma @ 6pm. They will be hosting a 7 Seas Brewer's Night/ Release Party including holiday prize giveaways accompanied by the new beer in addition to more 7 Seas brews.

Santa's Smokin' Winter Warmer

Our take on a Smoked Porter, 7 Seas-style. For this special holiday brew we combine malts from Germany, Britain, Canada and the US to create a globally inspired beer based on the principles of love and good humanity towards our neighbors. Santa's Smokin' ale displays a rich depth of malt accented by a subtle smoky note. Hopped with Centennial, Glacier, and Willamettes, a delicate bitterness brings the bold malt and warming alcohol into balance. Pair Santa's Smokin' ale with a variety of rich holiday foods, cheers!


MORE BEER, expansion and upcoming move

Press Release: For Immediate Release

7 Seas Brewing announces expansion to historic downtown Gig Harbor

Job-creating move will greatly expand capacity of popular local craft brewery

Gig Harbor — 7 Seas Brewing Co. has announced a move and expansion into a larger building in historic downtown Gig Harbor.  The popular local craft brewery has outgrown their current space and says construction is already underway in the new facility, located in downtown’s Peninsula Shopping Center, just a block from the waterfront.  Initially, the company says, the expansion will create four new jobs.

7 Seas Brewing Co. will be occupying 11,000 sq/ft of the previous QFC grocery store, and the new site will dedicate 8,600 sq/ft to their production facility, and 2,400 sq/ft towards a Tap Room.  Partnering with AAA Metal Fabrication of Oregon, a new, shiny, stainless steel, custom-built steam-fired 25 bbl (775 gallon) 3-vessel brew-house arrives in mid-January.  7 Seas secured SBA financing through local Heritage Bank to fund the expansion, which was made necessary after successive expansions left them no room to expand in their existing space.

7 Seas Brewing Co. opened in 2009 after rebounding from a devastating fire that tore through their initial facility in downtown Gig Harbor. The fire, stemming from a neighboring business’s space heater, destroyed 80% of their assets and equipment.  They relocated to their current building and began operating on an 8.5 bbl (265 gal.) brew-house.

“We’re really excited.  The new facility will house both the 8.5 bbl and the new 25 bbl brew-houses. This will allow 7 Seas Brewing Co. to produce year-round offerings on the larger brew-house as well as experiment and create new seasonal beers on the smaller brew-house,” said Mike Runion, one of the brewery’s owners.

The initial brewery footprint at full capacity could eventually produce up to 20,000 bbls/year. However, 7 Seas Brewing Co. estimates a first calendar year production of around 4,000 bbls, with annual growth as new tanks are installed in the future.

The new facility is expected to be brewing its first batches of 7 Seas beer in March of 2012. The new Tap Room is expected to open sometime between June-October of 2012 and maintain a cozy, living room feel while providing a little more space to enjoy a pint and watch the brewery in action.  The current 7 Seas Tap Room will remain open during the transition.


Current Location: 3207 57th St CT NW, Gig Harbor    |    Future Location:  3006 Judson St, Gig Harbor


Upcoming Events

April Brews Day

Saturday, April 25th (5:30-10pm)
April Brews Day
Depot Market Square, Bellingham, WA
The Max Higbee Center is putting on the 14th Anniversary of their Microbrew tasting extravaganza at Depot Market Square in downtown Bellingham. This event is the single fundraiser for the Max Higbee Center. For over 30 years, with limited resources, they have provided quality recreation programs for teenagers and adults with developmental disabilities. Come out and support not only the best craft beer Wa has to provide, but an even better fundraiser.
Check out the website for ticket information

Brewers Night @ Puyallup River Alehouse

Wednesday, April 22nd (6-9pm)
Brewers Night @ Puyallup River Alehouse
Join us at Puyallup River Alehouse for a night of 7 Seas Beer! We will be pouring several of our delicious beers as well as giving away many prizes! You wont want to miss this event as it is sure to be a night of fun.

Brewers Night @ Northwest Beerwerk's

Thursday, April 9th (5-7pm)
Northwest Beerwerk's
Olympia, WA
Join us from 5-7pm for a brewers night with Northwest Beerwerk's, Olympia's newest specialty taproom and bottle shop. We will be handing out free swag all night, do not miss an opportunity to enjoy a proper pint from 7 Seas Brewing Co!

Tasting @ Total Wine in Vancouver

Thursday, April 2nd (4-7pm)
Tasting @ Total Wine in Vancouver
Total Wine in Vancouver, Wa has invited 7 Seas to sample our beers to the public on Thursday April 2nd from 4-7pm, we will be on hand sampling each of our canned beers and answering all of your questions!

Brewers Night @ Spiro's Port Orchard

Tuesday, March 31st (5-8pm)
Brewers Night @ Spiro's Port Orchard
Spiro's Pizza and Pasta has invited us for a night celebrating our beers with some fantastic food, we will be on hand giving away free swag all night so come join us for a Proper Pint!

Washington Cask Festival

Saturday, March 28th (12-4pm) & (6-10pm)
Washington Cask Festival
Join us and experience the artistry of craft brewing in the form of traditional cask-conditioned beer. 7 Seas will be pouring a cask of Life Jacket Session IPA, as well as a cask of Rainbow in the Dark (Brettanomyces aged-Imperial Stout) Cheers and see you there!

Beer Dinner @ Oasis Bar & Grill in Sequim

Thursday, March 26th (6-9pm)
Beer Dinner @ Oasis Bar & Grill in Sequim
Oasis Bar & Grill will be hosting 7 Seas Brewing for a beer dinner March 26th from 6-9pm. Join us for an evening of unique food and beer pairings. Oasis will be using our beers in the preperation of their food so it is sure to be an exciting night! Cheers and see you in Sequim.

Anthem Coffee & Tea Puyallup and Tacoma

Wednesday, March 25th (6-8pm)
Anthem Coffee & Tea in Tacoma and Puyallup will be hosting 7 Seas Brewing for a unique event from 6-8pm at both locations, we will be pouring keg's of Port Royal Export Stout infused with Anthem's house Cold Brew coffee. Live music at both locations and free swag giveaways! .


Tue-Wed, March 13th & 14th
They are just about here! This years edition is once again beautiful imported glass from Germany and decorated by Gig Harbor's own Fresh Northwest Design. This year they are $75+tax, and come with a coupon for $2 off your next growler fill.

The growlers will be released to the public Saturday, March 14th at 11am at the Tap Room. On Friday the 13th growlers they will become available to those whom have last years 2014 edition and would like that same #. So, for that one day, the growlers will be held for those who would like to claim that same # (1-500), then on Saturday all growlers are up for sale to all. If you plan on claiming the same # on Friday, please bring either the 2014 growler itself or a picture with the # clearly visible.

Can't wait to have you guys see these! They turned out AMAZING! Functional Art, mantle place to the fridge. Thanks for your support! Cheers

Hops and Props

Saturday, February 28th (7-10pm)
Hops and Props
13th Annual Hops and Props will kick off at The Museum of Flight and features over 50 breweries and is catered by McCormick & Schmick’s. This event is a sell out every year and a 7 Seas is a fan favorite so get there early.

Beer Dinner @ Sirens Pub in Port Townsend

Wednesday, February 25th (6-9pm)
Beer dinner @ Sirens Pub in Port Townsend
Sirens will be hosting 7 Seas Brewing for a beer dinner February 25 from 6-9 pm. Join us for an evening of unique food and beer pairings. Sirens will be using some of our beer in the preparation of the food so it’s sure to be a night of all things 7 Seas has to offer. Cheers and see you in Port Townsend.

JBLM Brewfest

Friday, February 20th (7-10pm)
JBLM Brewfest
McChord Club and Community Center will be hosting the 6th annual JBLM Brewfest for Joint Base Lewis McChord. 7 Seas will be pouring beer all night for you to taste.‘Murica.

Brewers night @ Blitz public house in Tacoma

Thursday, February 19th (5-7pm)
Blitz public house Tacoma
Join us at Blitz Public House for a brewers night February 19th from 5-7pm. We will be pouring Rude parrot IPA, Ballz Deep double IPA and Port Royal export stout. We will be on hand giving out free swag all night, come out and support your favorite local brewery!

Brewers night @ the Snorting Elk

Wednesday, February 18th (12-2pm)
Brewers night @ the Snorting Elk
Grab your skis and snowboards and come up to the Snorting Elk located on Crystal Mountain for a 7 Seas Brewers Night. We will be pouring several of our beers and giving away swag all night.

Brewers night @ Manette Saloon in Bremerton

Wednesday, February 11th (5-7pm)
Manette Saloon Bremerton
Manette Saloon will be hosting 7 Seas brewing February 11th from 5-7pm for a brewers night! We will be giving away free swag all night so come out and join us for a proper pint.

Winter Rendezvous in Poulsbo

Saturday, February 7th (12-5pm)
Winter Rendezvous, Poulsbo
Come celebrate the second annual Winter Rendezvous celebration Saturday February 7th from 12-5pm at the Sons of Norway building in Poulsbo. We will be pouring 253 pilsner and Rude Parrot ipa.
More Information

Rockridge Cider Gran Re-opening in Enumclaw

Sunday, February 8th (12-2pm)
Rockridge Cider Grand Re-opening in Enumclaw
Join us up in Enumclaw to help us celebrate the expansion of Rockridge Cider’s new taproom. Featuring over 25 new draft lines.

Hop Mob Triple IPA Road Show Feb. 7th-21st

Friday, February 7th-21st
Hop Mob Triple IPA Road Show
The 2nd Annual Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow will feature the hoppiest beers from all over Washington and 7 Seas is included! We brewed our Triple IPA with a massive amount of hops too please all you Hop Heads. Join us at the events listed below:

  • Kick off at Brouwers Cafe, Seattle Friday, Feb 7th 3pm
  • Flatstick Pub Night in Kirkland Sunday, Feb 9th 1pm
  • Special Brews in Lynwood Saturday, Feb 14th 12pm
  • The Red Hot in Tacoma Wednesday, Feb 18th 11am
  • Hob Mob Finale at Pike Brewery, Seattle Saturday Feb 21st 5pm



Winter Rendezvous in Poulsbo

Friday, February 6-8th (12-5pm)
Winter Rendezvous, Poulsbo
Come see us at the Winter Rendevous in Poulsbo Friday February 6th from 12-5pm for a viking style festival! We will be pouring our 253 pilsner and rude parrot in the libation station.
More Information

Rainier Growlers South Hill

Thursday, February 6th (6-9pm)
Rainier Growlers South Hill
Join us for a brewers night at rainier growlers in South Hill Friday February 6th from 6-9 pm. Featuring Rude parrot ipa, Ballz deep double ipa, Cutt's amber ale, Cascadia dark ale and nitro Port Royal export stout.

7 Seas Tasting @ High Spirits Liquor in Poulsbo

Saturday, January 31st
High Spirits Liquor, Poulsbo
Join us at High Spirits Liquor for a 7 Seas Brewing beer tasting. We will be sampling Ballz deep, Rude parrot, British Pale and 253 Pilsner! Come and try beers from your favorite local brewery and grab a case or two to watch the Seahawks win the Superbowl!

7 Seas Brewers Night @ The Green Frog in Bellingham

Wednesday, January 28th (6-9pm)
The Green Frog, Bellingham
The Green Frog in Bellingham has invited us for a special night celebrating our beers with local musician John Statz. We will be giving away prizes all night so come on out and join us.

11th Annual Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend!

Friday - Saturday, January 23rd - 24th
11th Annual Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend! Come enjoy some strange brews while supporting your defending champs. Past favorites, plus new concoctions will be enjoyed! Come get Strange with us!
Get your tickets now!

7 Seas Brewers Night @ The Forum in Puyallup

Thursday, January 22nd (6-9pm)
The Forum in Puyallup
Join us at The Forum in puyallup for a night of 7 Seas Brewing from 6-9, we will be pouring 253 pilsner and rude parrot. Free swag giveaways all night!

Superbowl Sunday Hours & Monday Closed

Sunday, February 1st (11-4pm) & CLOSED MONDAY
Yes thats is correct we are closing @ 4PM on Superbowl Sunday and closed the following Monday Feb. 2nd for a staff celebration day!
Make sure you come in early and get your growlers filled before the big game!
Go Hawks!!!

7 Seas Meet the Brewer Night @ Pint Defiance in Tacoma

Wednesday, January 14th
7 Seas Meet the Brewer Night at Pint Defiance, Tacoma WA
Pint Defiance will feature our very own brewer Travis Gutterson for their “Meet the Brewer Month.” We will be pouring a special keg of 2013 Wheelchair Barleywine and Randelling our Rude Parrot through fresh hops. Don’t miss this one!

7 Seas Brewers Night @ The Tap Room in Downtown Aberdeen

Wednesday, January 14th
The Tap Room Brewers Night, Aberdeen
The Tap Room in Downtown Aberdeen will be hosting 7 Seas Brewing for a brewers night. We will be on hand to give away swag and talk about our beer.

Brewers night @ The Corner Pub, Bow WA

Monday, January 5th
The Corner Pub, Bow WA
Join us for a night of 7 Seas Beer in Skagit County featuring our Imperial Chili Pepper Stout made with Ghost Peppers, Caribbean Red, and Trinidad Scorpion Chili Peppers. We will be on hand to talk about the beer and give away swag all night. See you in Bow!

Join us @ Finholms for a Christmas party

Friday, December 19th (5pm-7pm)
Join us December 19th from 5pm to 7pm at Finholms for a Christmas party, throw on your best sweater and enjoy a proper pint, giving away prizes all night!

Joing us @ Fox Island Store (Zog's)

Thursday, December 18th (5pm-8pm)
Join us for a proper pint Thursday December 18th at Zog's on Fox Island from 5pm to 8pm, we will be raffling off prizes all night!

Diamond Knot Winter Warmer Fest

Thursday, December 11th (6pm-8pm)
Diamond Knot Brewery will host their annual Winter Warmer Festival at their Mountlake Terrace location. We will be pouring our Imperial Pepper Stout and raffling off items for charity. Cheers
Find out more here

WABL Winter Beer Fest at Magnuson Park

Friday and Saturday December 5th and 6th
WABL Winter Beer Fest at Magnuson Park - WABL will host 7 Seas along with 50 other Washington Breweries for their annual Winter Beer Fest. We will be bringing our Imperial Chili Pepper Stout so get your tickets here


Brewer’s Night @ The Spar

Thursday, December 4th (6pm-8pm)
Join us in Old Town Tacoma for a night of 7 Seas beers including Rude Parrot, Ballz Deep, and Hop Prophet. Starts at 6PM and we will be giving swag away all night.

Tides Double IPA Release

Thursday, December 4th (6pm)
Tides Double IPA release - A new custom double IPA brewed especially for the iconic Tides Tavern will be tapped @ 6pm. The Gig Harbor's own 'Shy Boys' will rock the house from 7pm to 9pm.

4th Annual Snohomish BrewFest

Starts Friday, October 24th (6pm-10pm)
Location: Snohomish Events Center on 1011 Second Street
Tasting Sessions:

  • Friday, Oct. 24th from 6-10pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 25th from Noon – 4pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 25th from 5-9pm

Tickets and Details


Meet the Brewers @ LunchBox Laboratory

Thursday, October 16th (6pm-9pm)
Kicking off a 2 week experiment with 7 Seas beer! There will be prices, giveaways, awesome beers, and of course burgers.
Check out the flyer!

Brewers night @ The End Zone in Port Orchard

Thursday, October 16th (6pm-8pm)
Come join the 7 Seas crew for a fun night at The End Zone in Port orchard.

Tap Take Over @ Puget Sound Pizza in Tacoma

Tuesday, October 14th (6pm-8pm)
Do you like Pizza? Do you like beer? Come enjoy the best in Tacoma and pair it with a 7 Seas beer or two.

WA Craft Beer Festival @ EMP in Seattle

Friday, October 10th (7pm-10pm)
We will be in good company pouring next to some of the finest local brew in WA, not to mention some of the best from 7 Seas.
Check out the website for more details

Brewers night @ The Beach Tavern in U.P.

Wednesday, October 8th (5pm-7pm)
Come enjoy a view, a pint, maybe a burger dip (best around), and hang with the 7 Seas Crew!
See you there

Yachtoberfest @ The Museum of Glass

Saturday, October 4th (Starts at 11:45pm)
Thousands of fun-loving revelers are expected to attend the inaugural YachtoberFest on the Historic Thea Foss Waterway esplanade on Saturday, October 4 directly behind The Museum of Glass in Tacoma.
Moorage for boats will be available at Foss Waterway Seaport, Dock Street Marina, and Foss Harbor Marina.
For more information (including moorage), visit YachtoberFest!

Anacortes Bier on the Pier

Friday, October 3rd (5pm-9pm) and Saturday, October 4th (12pm-6pm)

Anacortes Bier on the Pier

7 Seas Beer @ the Forum-Tacoma

Friday, September 26th (6pm-8pm)
Come enjoy some cold brews with us in Tacoma @ the Forum whom is featuring 7 Seas beer all month. We look forward to a great time!!!

Brewer's Night @ the Swiss Pub-Tacoma

Wednesday, September 24th (6pm-8pm)
One of favorite downtown Tacoma accounts, the Swiss will be featuring our beer and we want everybody there. Come to the brewer’s night and enjoy a pint with the 7 Seas crew.

Brewer's Night @ Flatstick Pub-Kirkland

Tuesday, September 16th (7pm-9pm)
Do you like mini-golf? Do you like mini-golf and local WA beer? Well then meet us in Kirkland for both!! This will be a fun night of mini-golf and 7 Seas Brews. See you there!
Check out the Flatstick Pub for more details.

Brewer's Night @ the Brown Lantern-Anacortes Wa

Wednesday, September 10th (7pm-9pm)
We are excited to spend time in Anacortes with Sound Beverage and our friends at the Brown Lantern for a brewer’s night and good times.


Tasting @ Total Wine and More -Vancouver

Saturday, September 6th (Noon-3pm)
Come and join us at Total Wine and More-Vancouver for an insane selection of great beer. Head to the growler fill station where we will be sampling our finest brews.

Brewers night in Camas @ Caps N' Taps

Friday, September 5th (7pm-10pm)
Join us in Camas at Caps N' Taps a premier bottle shop in WA for a Brewers night from 7-10pm. Check out a fantastic selection of over 100 specialty brews and not to mention, we are the featured brewery on tap for the evening.
Check out Caps N' Taps website for directions

Brewers Dinner @ Top Side Bar & Grill

Thursday, August 28th (6pm-8pm)
Come to one of Steilacoom's top craft beer bars and enjoy some 7 Seas beers paired with some great food from Top Side Bar and Grill.Don't miss this one!!

Poverty Bay Brews and Blues Fest

Saturday, August 23rd (12pm-8pm)
This event is the prime fundraiser for our Music4Life program expanding music to youth in our local schools. Enjoy a day filled with local blues together with a variety of fine brews from local breweries.
Check out the website for more details


Tumwater Brewfest

Saturday, August 23rd (1pm-8pm)
Come enjoy over 30 breweries, corn hole, super sized beer pong, volley ball and more. Don't miss this one in our states Capital, beautiful Olympia, WA.
Check out the website for more details

7 Seas tap takeover @ Rock the Dock Pub & Grill

Thursday, August 21st (6pm-8pm)
Join us on the water at Rock the Dock for a great view and a good time. Located by Foss Waterway, Rock the Dock will be kind enough to let us take over and join in on some fun. Come join us on the water in Tacoma.

Everett Craft Beer Festival

Saturday, August 16th (N00n-7pm)
Did we mention it was event season? Come to Everett and enjoy beer from more than 30 breweries but most of all come enjoy ours.

Brewers night @ Blazing Onion (Tacoma)

Tuesday, August 12th (6pm-8pm)
Who likes burgers and beer? We do too, come join us at Tacoma’s Blazing Onion by the mall and enjoy both of said things.

Brew Five Three

Saturday, August 9th (1pm-Close)
This is Tacoma’s largest Beer & Blues Fest, so calling all Tacoma-ites this is for you. Come on down and we will pour you our finest. Check out the Beer & Blues website for this one, you don’t want to miss it.


Brewers night @ 3 Loins Pub in Bothell

Wednesday, August 6th (6pm-8pm)
If you like to drink in a pub this promotion is for you, cool atmosphere and really good beer, yep ours!!! Come drink a cold one with us as we hang in Bothell and enjoy the summer nights…

Brewery Closing Early

Closing at 6pm - August 4th due to Staff Appreciation night.
We need to have fun too!

Brewers by the Bay

Sunday, July 27th (1pm-5pm)
Come enjoy a nice view, great food, and the best part… our beer at the 2014 Brewers by the Bay in downtown Bellingham. This is a wonderful event and we hope to see you all there.

The Far West Beer Fest @ 7 Cedars

July 26th (1pm-7pm)
Join over 20 plus breweries for live entertainment contests and games at 7 Cedars Casino.

Gig Harbor Win and Food Festival

July 26th (1pm-5pm)
Come on down to our birth place, Gig Harbor WA to the Harbor History Museum for great food and great beer. Come check out the beautiful harbor and enjoy it with us.

Brewers night @ Farrelli’s DuPont

July 24th (6pm-8pm)
Join us in DuPont for fun people and great 7 Seas Beer, oh and did we mention they Pizza is outstanding?? Come talk beer and eat food, see you on the 24th.


Bite of Seattle

July 18th-20th (11am-9pm, Sunday till 8pm) @ Seattle Center
Come see us pour at the biggest beer/food event this summer at Seattle Center for the Bite of Seattle. Delicious food, over 70 different beers and 7 Seas will be in the thick of it. Come pair some food with a few of our beers, you will not be disappointed. See you at the BITE!!

Brewers night @ Stuck Junction Saloon Bar & Grill

Thursday, July 17th (6pm-8pm)
Meet us at Stuck Junction in Sumner, this place is awesome with a fun staff and a cool atmosphere. Come sample some 7 Seas beer paired with some of their favorite dishes. Food, beer, and fun… need we say more?
See you in Sumner.
Check out Stuck Junction Saloon on Facebook

Tasting @ Wine World and Spirits Seattle

Wednesday, July 16th (6pm-8pm)
Want to taste beer? Want to taste beer at a place with a view? Great, come meet us at Wine World and Spirit’s in Seattle for tasty 7 Seas beer in a room full of wine, spirits, and most important 7 Seas brew!!

Brewers night with Oddfellas

Thursday, July 10th (6pm-8pm)
Come to Auburn and enjoy a proper Pint with 7 Seas at Auburn’s coolest pub, Oddfellas Pub and Eatery. Good food, great beer, and fun people. Come on down!!!


7 Beers with 7 Seas on July 7th @ The Parkway Tavern

Monday, July 7th (6pm-8pm)
Join us Monday July 7th at the Parkway Tavern. Come celebrate 7 Beers with 7 Seas on the 7th at one of the best craft beer houses in Tacoma for 7 of our delicious brews and our new Summer Seasonal Life Jacket Session IPA being poured on the Randal. Can’t lose with a triple 7.

313 N. I St.
Tacoma, WA 98403


Tap Room HOURS for 4th of July

We will be OPEN 11am-4pm. Happy a fun and safe 4th of July! Cheers

7 Seas tap takeover @ Lamplighter Public House

Thursday, June 26th (5pm - 7pm)
Come on over to crown hill Seattle to the Lamplighter to enjoy many of 7 Seas draft beers and hang out with the crew for a chance to win prizes and enjoy a proper pint with the 7 Seas crew and our friends from Odom distributing.

Check out Lamplighter on Facebook

5th Anniversay Bash!

Join us on Saturday, July 12th from 12noon-8pm out front of our Tap Room downtown. We will be showcasing 5 local bands, local food vendors, a few antics, and a large variety of ice cold 7 Seas brews. On the stage we'll have Ben Union, C-Leb & The Kettle Black, Perry Acker, Four On The Floor, and Red Stone Sinners. On the grills we have world famous Buck-B-Q and the team from Tizley's. Your bellies will very happy after enjoying their tasty offerings! The party is a +21 event. The cost of such an amazing day? $3 per person which 100% goes to the bands. Credit/debit cards will only be accepted for merchandise purchases, so cover, beer, and food will be on a cash basis. There will be an ATM on-site. The Tap Room will be open on Saturday, but only for growler fills and merchandise. Walk, bike, designate a driver, just be sure to be safe! Lifestyle Valet has graciously offered their shuttle services free of charge. Good dogs on leash are welcome with their humans.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and we can't wait to say thanks and party with ya!


Sample @ Lakebay Marina and resort

Saturday, June 20th (5pm - 8pm)

15 Lorenz RD. KP N
Lakebay, WA 98349

Joinus on the dock for some sun, water, and more importantly 7 Seas beer on draft.
Is there more in life? See you there.


Brewers night @ Pints and Quarts Lacy

Tuesday, June 17th (6pm - 8pm)

Come down to a premier craft bar and enjoy a pint of our favorite 7 Seas beers and enter to win some 7 Seas gear from the 7 Seas brewing crew.

Check out Pints and Quarts for directions.

Washington Brewer's Festival

Fri, June 13th- 4pm (21+)
Sat, June14th- 11am - 6pm (families welcome)
Sun, June 15th- 11am - 6pm (families welcome)

King County’s Marymoor Park
6046 W Lake Sammamish Parkway NE
Redmond, WA

Join us Father’s Day weekend as 7 Seas pours at Marymoor Park in Redmond. Enjoy great food, live music, craft booths, as we celebrate Father’s Day and great beer.

King County’s Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA

The Washington Brewer’s festival is a unique all-age beer festival where thousands of beer aficionados and families gather to celebrate Father’s Day weekend. This year’s event will feature over 250 different beers from 72 different Washington breweries. In addition, the festival offers great food, live music stage, brewer’s keg toss, root beer garden, kids area, craft booths, wine and cider tasting.  For tickets and info, click the link below.

Washington Beer

Life Jacket Session IPA: Release @ Cheney Stadium

Saturday, June 7th, 5:05pm

Cheney Stadium, Tacoma

With the sun shining and waters warming up, it’s time to quench that growing thirst with Gig Harbor’s 7 Seas Brewing’s Summer Seasonal: Life Jacket Session IPA!

Join us for the release at an epic venue, Cheney Stadium. The stadium’s first ever beer release. The seasonal brew will be available throughout the Stadium in multiple locations. 7 Seas’ Brewmaster Travis Guterson adds, “Baseball and beer are match made in NW heaven. Cheney Stadium, being the progressive, forward thinkers they are, have an excellent craft beer selection. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with them on this launch!”

This NW summer classic style, Session IPA, balances low ABV, high drinkability, with bursting hop flavor and aroma. Life Jacket Session IPA is well suited to quench your thirst and deliver hoppy satisfaction.  Brewed with Pale Ale, Pilsner, and a touch of Wheat & Light Crystal malts-- the beer finishes crisp and clean with a load of Amarillo and Nugget hops imparting juicy hop aromas of tangerine and grapefruit.  At a relaxing 4.8% ABV, this brew is perfect for enjoying on our beautiful NW waters, backyard BBQ, or at a ball game! Available June-August on Draft.

Who’ll be throwing out the first pitch? None other then, WA’s Craft Beer Ambassador, Kendall Jones, a freelance writer and freestyle beer drinker. In 2008 Kendall founded the Washington Beer Blog, one of the Northwest’s most popular and trusted sources for beer news and information. Beyond blogging, he writes and represents WA Beer for local and national publications and press.


7 Seas & Jonz Catering's 'Dining Out For Life' Pairing Dinner 100% DONATION









Holiday Hours:

Wednesday, December 24th (Christmas Eve): OPEN 11am-4pm
Thursday, December 25th (Christmas Day): CLOSED
Wednesday, December 31st (New Years Eve): OPEN 11am-6pm
Thursday, January 1st (New Years Day): CLOSED